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How Long Will it Take for a Building Permit to be Issued?

When the building permit application is completed, it should be returned in person to the Village Hall. Village staff will check the application at that time to ensure that it is complete. Building permits will not be issued if the application contains incomplete information or lists subcontractors that are not licensed by the Village.

The Village's Inspectional Service will review the application and issue a permit with an appropriate fee within seven business days. The inspector will also review the blueprints and provide written comments on the print to be returned to the applicant. The applicant will then be contacted by phone and advised of the fee that has been established for the permit and when it can be picked up.

The applicant must pay the fee by check or cash when the permit is issued.

Sometimes, the inspector requires a change on the prints. If there are any questions regarding changes made to prints or the original permit application, they should be referred directly to the inspector.