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What Type of Inspections are Required and how do I Arrange for Them to be Made?

All requests for inspections should be made directly to Safebuilt Inspections 1-815-255-9047 between the hours of 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Any modifications made to blueprints must be approved and filed with the Village. Failure of applicant and/or contractor to submit blueprint changes shall be subject to a minimum fine of $100.00 and maximum fine not to exceed $500.00. Following is a list of inspections which are necessary depending on the job:

Basic Building Inspections

1. Footing 
2. Foundation before backfill
3. Rough
2. Insulation
2. Final

Basic Electrical Inspections

1. Service 
2. Rough-in before wallboard 
3. Final

Basic Plumbing Inspections

1. Rough underground before concrete is poured 
2. Rough plumbing before wallboard 
3. Final

Inspectors have up to 48 hours from the time notification is made to complete an inspection before work can continue on the job.

Please contact Safebuilt Inspections directly for: questions pertaining to the Village's Building Code; if an inspection was not approved; or if the job was red-tagged.

All requests for inspections or questions about inspections must be made directly to Safebuilt Inspections at 1-815-255-9047.

When the project is complete, the applicant must call Safebuilt Inspections, Ltd. and request a final inspection. The inspector will review the work, and if it is approved, a certificate of occupancy will be signed and issued. The certificate of occupancy can then be obtained at the Village Hall for your personal records. Any new home or building addition will not be permitted to be occupied until a certificate of occupancy is approved. Violations of this ordinance can result in evictions, water service disconnection, and possible fines of up to $500.00 per day.