4th of July Commission

Beecher 4th of July Festival  ♦  July 3 – July 6

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The Beecher 4th of July Commission’s mission is to provide a family-oriented celebration for the Beecher community which also allows for a source of income for the maintenance and improvement of Firemen’s Park and to provide a vehicle for other organizations to raise funds.

4th of July Commission Officers and Members

Chuck Hoehn
Jerry Meyer
Nelson Collins
Marcy Meyer
Barb Hodgett
Mary Lou Cooper
Greg Szymanski
Robert Barber
Patty Meyer
Ron Kuhlman
Bill Voss
Bruce Becker
Ken Bobowski
Kevin Bouchard
Cameron Ohlendorf
Nicholas Hoehn
Marge Cook
Mike Lau
Kim Coleman
Bridget Goedke
Phil Salmen